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Investors used to have little say about the execution of their orders in financial instruments. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) has significantly changed this practice. MiFID promotes cross border competition between exchanges and investment firms in addition to enhanced price discovery and investor protection. This has led to a change in the financial landscape where during the last couple of years new exchanges (Regulated Markets - RM - and Multilateral Trading Facilities - MTFs) have been founded and smart order routing systems developed. TOM has seized these opportunities to start TOM Smart Execution (the Broker offering a smart order routing solution) and TOM MTF (the exchange).

TOM Smart Execution - Equities and Derivatives

Regarding financial instruments, retail investors should be able to execute their orders in the best conditions possible. This includes price but also aspects such as cost and speed of execution. Banks and brokers are thus required to compare prices at several places of execution. This price comparison and routing of orders to the best venue for execution is called Smart Order Routing (SOR) and is offered by TOM Smart Execution.

TOM Smart Execution is a SOR engine and focuses on best execution of (retail) orders. TOM Smart Execution checks several exchanges for the best possible execution price. Thanks to this intelligent engine, TOM Smart Execution’s clients will always find the best prices for their orders in financial instruments.

TOM Smart Execution promotes competition between exchanges by sending the client order to the venue offering the best price. TOM believes retail orders are an important aspect of the market in general and therefore ensures tight spreads and enables price discovery on visible volumes on the overall financial markets.

TOM MTF (TOM Multilateral Trading Facility)

In the rapidly changing landscape of stock and derivative exchanges, TOM MTF is the latest innovation in trading services. TOM MTF seizes the opportunities of MiFID and offers a high quality trading facility to professional market participants working in a highly competitive environment.

TOM (The Order Machine)

TOM is the embodiment of MiFID. Providing unsurpassed genuine execution prices for retail orders, TOM compares several exchanges, real-time in order to choose the best possible execution for the order. In doing so, TOM encourages competition between exchanges. Want to know more?

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